THONGHATTHA  Handmade Fashion Accessories is a well established business of wholesale and retail fashion accessories based in Bangkok,Thailand who specializing in producing a unique collection, high quality handicraft fashion accessories such as bracelets, belts, necklaces, earrings, shoes and sandals as well as home decorative items.
Our idea is to create our unique products in style that differs from the other items you will find elsewhere.

So we have the concept to use only the best quality of A SINGLE SILK THREAD, TIGHTLY WINDING by hand not machinery at all to create a smooth, unique luster and captivating look.  We have chosen to make personal with the idea of unique handicraft accessories that can be made into matching sets .We are very happy to pay the great attention to make every pieces to be unique gift for you, your friend and your family.
The photographs on our web-site are shown for reference only, and any measurements given are approximate.

We export worldwide such Portland USA, Italy, France, German  and Australia and are still seeking for additional buyers in the other countries as well as our products are very good welcome by 5 star hotel guests.

We are more than happy to answer any question, please contact

Wannapa Khamjit
Wannalak Khamjit